[Video] the Tale of the Two Barbers

Personal suggestion: Consider not making any large changes to your work or business plans, until hearing about these two Barbers. Could help.

Watch here

[Video] For folks who want to start a business because they want to be in charge of their own time, but the trouble is… they’ve got too many interests and can’t frigging choose for the life of them which one to commit to.

Before choosing, hear me out. Maybe they shouldn’t be choosing in the first place. They may be an experience designer, and if so - choosing would be a dreadful idea. They’d miss their calling altogether. I did for years, before I learned this lesson. Here’s a different recipe entirely... and I reckon it’s nearly instantly implementable to try it out.

Lots more recipe ideas on my current live group program invitation page!

Watch here

[Read my wee book!] Tamara & The Taverna-Keeper!

I wrote a book! By accident, actually. It’s a tale about a young woman who, travelling to an out-of-the-way town an ocean away, finds her 'life's calling' in a completely different direction than she'd expected

See the video and read it for free HERE

[Article] Confessions of a Life Coach.

I am not a ‘wtf am I doing with my life?!’ and Big Dreams mentor because I have life figured out.

I don’t. No one does.

Please — my personal suggestion — run quickly away from those folks ;)

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[Video] What's my THING?!

A free 76min step-by-step class. If you feel there is something great inside you - for you AND the world - that's dying to get out, but... ack... you just can't figure out WHAT THE *&^% IT IS?!! Argh! And you get tripped up trying to choose between your three dozen ideas as to how to move forward... this may be the exact class for you. 

Watch here

[Article] 5 Reasons why you SHOULD AVOID your Small and Big dreams.

I’m Alex. The fellow in the picture there. And this is my essay on Big Dreams. (well, the best version of essay I can manage after struggling through English class a LOT of years ago. I’m 46 for heaven’s sake. I know my arguments need work.

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[Article] A mostly true story. A man on a plane, and the greatest gift he’d ever received.

Years ago I was talking to a man. In his 70s. On a plane.

pre-warning: I can guarantee that most of the details of this story are true. But some are iffy due only to my selective memory, not subterfuge.

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[Article] For parents: A scribbler, a Small Dreams Idea, and Life Wealth.

A few years ago, on a warm spring afternoon, I sat on the back deck in the sun with my 2 children. They were about 9 and 11 at the time I think. I had a scribbler out, as I’m wont to do... In true Alex Baisley fashion, I was pondering our family Big Dreams - but... I quickly realized...

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The 11-Module "WTH am I doing with my life?!" video eKit... No charge.

If you like my take on things, you are welcome to my entire foundation work here. A complete video e-course. No strings. Have at it, and see if this is of help to you as you figure out where you want to go, and how to get there :)  If you have any questions, I'm here.

Big hug,


[Article] If you are feeling like a failure...

If you happen to be feeling like a failure today, then for starters, please feel most free to join the club that includes the rest of us. You’re so not alone. And…

I wanted to share: A moment from working with a dear friend & client today [read here to see how we approached it...]

[Video] Alex Baisley Interview: Capacity Generator Writing Exercise + combining your interests into a Calling - Watch HERE.

I had a wonderful time talking with George Kao - Authentic Business Coach - about how to create a business out of your 1032 interests ;) AND a simple, but powerful, writing exercise to give you the strength to succeed with it. 

I reference the Capacity Generator eKit in the interview, and it's here.

You can find George Kao and his social media profiles here

[Video] What if we were a tomato plant, instead of a human? A very different-from-the-norm approach to life-improvement.

FBLive#8: Why thinking of ourselves as a plant could dramatically improve our lives ;) Watch here

More videos on my Big Dream Program FB Page.


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