The Big Dream Program

A way to figure out what you're doing next.

If the topic of life purpose, life direction, finding your calling, or put more simply: ‘figuring out what the sweet holy f**k am I doing with my life’ is a big question for you these days, this program is about that.

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An invitation to the Big Dream Program (2.0)

Essentials from everything you read below:

  1. Get the entire core Big Dream Program 10hr workshop for $320 CAD (= about $240 USD)
  2. + OPTIONAL: 3 months free pass into my community (application-dependent) where 94 fellow Big Dreamers are crafting their next chapters.

About the community part: 94 of us in there now. Apply to see if we're a fit by filling out the application near the bottom of this page. Expectations, how the beta works, and perks below. Location: in our private FB group for just a little while longer - moving to our new home on the platform imminently!


Hiya friend. I’m Alex. 

This is an invitation to see if what I have to share here might be a fit for you and your situation. It is an online program dedicated to the question that I had asked myself for a great many years, and I have met a lot of smart, savvy, ambitious, and creative people asking themselves the same thing:


What the *&^% am I doing with my life??!


It’s about that feeling some of us have experienced – especially when we see someone else rocking their life – the feeling like there’s something great inside us too.

If we could just. figure. out. what. the actual heck. it IS.


What's my thing?!


Do you ever get that "PANIC" feeling that time is ticking along, and you still haven't figured out what the heck you're supposed to be doing (at least next) with your life? Missing the boat? 

Maybe you relate to some of these things...

  • You have wayyyyy too many interests and ideas 😜. And GACKKKKK! You just can’t decide which one to focus on, which one is ‘The Thing’ for you. It's paralyzing!
  • You have big dreams in your life that you never seem to get around to. Either for work, or personal.
  • You feel there is some purpose, a deeper reason, you are here on the planet. You've had the sense for as long as you can remember that there’s something great & unique inside you trying to get out, if you could only figure out WHAT the f**k it is! ;)
  • You really want your life - and your work (whether for income or not) - to be meaningful. BUT ALSO - lifestyle-friendly. You’re done with burnouts and rat-races. DONE. 🧘🏽
  • You feel that you have talents, gifts, and life experiences - and PASSION 🔥 - that feel like they’re meant for some purpose, and it's sooooo frustrating not to know what that is. We don't want to waste any more time still trying to figure that out. We just want to get GOING on it. But what's 'it'?
  • You're highly self-motivated WHEN you know where you're going. You kick into gear, by god, and make shit happen. You're no slouch. But... when you don't know where you're supposed to be going... geez... All that great energy and potential gets tangled up in knots tearing you apart. Wheel-spinning. 😖

    In the program, I describe this conundrum like Johnny Appleseed 🍎 rambling around a modern city with sacks of seeds (a metaphor for talents, gifts, and potential), sensing he's meant for some purpose, but finding no place to plant them. Concrete everywhere. 

  • You are very motivated by the idea of finding ‘your own thing’ - something unique and enjoyable and very ‘you’ to do. Maybe it’s for work and income, or maybe it’s just for life, but something is calling you.

  • You ❤️ the idea of helping others have a better life in some way, making some kind of excellent contribution of help, healing, fun, or beauty, in your community or world to lift others up and help heal our planet.

  • And if that wasn't enough of a conundrum 😜: You find this whole life-direction thing extra-difficult, because you find yourself also attracted to stories of people who live a more interesting or sustainable lifestyle - maybe in a tiny home with a self-sustaining food-garden, or on a sailboat, or doing ‘their work’ online from a cottage by the lake, another country, or ‘from anywhere’ while doing some slow-travel… Even if you’ve never done any of these things, we’d find a good bit of it in your browser history - 😜. 

  • You feel life is an adventure, you want to make the MOST of it, but you’re side-lined by not having a plan that seems to click.


Are you trying to make some decisions?

You may be still reading my missive here because you're faced with trying to make some big decisions for your future, and maybe getting tangled up in knots trying to figure out your move.


Perhaps any one of these: 

  • You've got a bunch of talents and skills and certifications, but can't figure out what the hell to do with them all to move forward.
  • Your work or business has become - or always was - unfulfilling or ‘no longer you’. 
  • You want to do something that is a better fit for your family, personal life, or health.
  • You don’t want to keep doing what you had been doing. A fresh start, or at least approach, is being called for.
  • You are exploring new options, maybe going back to school, or starting a business or community project, or... even saying to heck with it and moving to a whole other place and starting fresh.
  • Or - you’ve been off work for awhile - raising a family for instance, caregiving, or recovering from something yourself - and want to get ‘out there again’ but this time on your terms, doing something amazing - for YOU, but what is it?


How the heck does one figure this out? 


"For the love of God send them to Alex..."

“If you know anyone who is trying to figure out ‘what the f*** to do with their life’, who’s really stuck, who’s got a lot of interests and talents, and gifts and genius, but hasn’t found a way to turn that into income, for the love of God send them to Alex. This is Alex’s definite genius of helping people figure out how to thread that needle which is not easy to do, and impossible when you’re the person IN it, because you just can’t see the forest for the trees.”

Tad Hargrave of Marketing for Hippies.

You have been working on this a lot. And for quite a while, as it happens. Maybe years. Decades.

It feels like this should be more straightforward... because you KNOW you’re smart and have a lot of gifts, talents, life experience, and great ideas. 

Why is this so 🤬 hard?


Are you doing something wrong?

Perhaps. But I doubt it.


The problem may be: the template you’ve been handed by ‘the mainstream,’ to help you work this problem out in your life, has no business trying to fit a person like you. It'd be like sticking a born-dancer at a desk-job and expecting them to feel delighted.

You’re different. You’re multi-faceted. You are passionate about many things. You have rich and eclectic interests, and are great at coming up with ideas. (Sometimes you think you have too many of the darn things!) You want to contribute to the world in some way as well. There is much to you, as a human. 

I have an alternate ‘template’ - let's call it a map - (almost 20yrs successfully street-tested with hundreds of clients now) to offer for your consideration. I call it the 5JRs Ecosystem Model - (which I’ll give you below). It came to me one memorable spring afternoon a lot of years ago, and altered my life in a day.


Picture this

It’s a sunny morning, and you wake up feeling more at home in your life, in your own skin, and excited about your day, than you have in a very, very long time. And you also have that deep satisfying feeling that you’re on track...

You are doing exactly what you are meant to be doing in this life and world!

Introducing myself, your unlikely host.

I never thought I'd be doing this.

I sucked at this life-direction thing.

This is a pic of me working on a fish farm in Ireland. Oh, there were some good things about the job - lots of sea air, for starters. But - the two things I hated most at the time were being cold, and alone. And yet here I was. A commercial diver - 60 feet or so under the winter Atlantic, by myself, freezing my skinny ass off. Just like I’d done for the 9 years before this day.

What depressed me more though, was knowing this wasn't what I was meant to be doing with my life. I knew it instinctively. Every day doing this felt like another day wasted.

I know that look on my face so well. I was wondering for the millionth time - how the hell did I end up here, and what the F$&% am I doing with my LIFE?!?!

 I didn’t know it when that picture was taken, but my life was about to change.

My Story (... and it's directly relevant to what I'm inviting you to, as perhaps my mistakes can save you 5 or 10 years and some dead ends.)

During my diving career, I taught First Aid on the side. I got a phone call one day asking if I could help a bunch of ‘healers’ with their First Aid certifications. (What the hell’s a ‘healer’? I wondered) When I arrived at their rural retreat centre that morning in 1999, I found them to be an unusual sort of bunch of folks from what I was used to, but friendly enough.

During the morning, I asked one fellow if he'd volunteer to lay on the floor - so I could demonstrate to folks where to put your hands for CPR. When I put my hands on his chest, I was headed into unexpected territory turns out. He approached me on the break and - very seriously and a little amazed-looking - said:

‘You have healing hands, did you know that?

The fuck?!?! (inside voice)

My first reaction was that he was bat-shit crazy to be honest, so it was more out of politeness that I asked - ‘What should a man do about that?’.

‘I’d consider a reiki course if I were you. It’s all about that.’, he suggested.

As you've picked up, I wasn’t very open-minded to ‘alternative stuff’ in those days. However… I had a 3hr drive home, and try as I might to get this awkward idea out of my head, it wouldn’t leave me alone. I remember thinking: If there’s 1% chance this hippie is right, would I waste that?’

And that's how, a few weeks later, I found myself in a weekend class entitled: Reiki, Seichem and Golden Dragon Level 1. I made it through the Friday night relatively unscathed, but nearly left the thing entirely on Saturday at lunch - it was all far too weird for me. I wasn't even sure it was 'real'. In the end, I stayed. To at least see it through and put the matter behind me.

It was two weeks later... I suddenly exclaimed to my wife how good I was feeling. For no good reason. Best in years. Nothing had changed in my life, and yet it was like I had freedom inside my chest, and my insides were brighter, happier somehow. It was hard to explain, but very easy to feel.

‘Maybe it was the reiki?’ she offered.

‘Hunh. Maybe it was.’

I signed up for a Level 2 weekend, started to ‘get it’, then dove in with both feet for years - all the way up to Master Practitioner and Teacher of Energy Healing - of which Reiki is one flavour. It really landed with me, and I practised every day. (I still do - 23yrs later)


I remember the day when I crawled out of the ocean and into my own warm full-time Reiki clinic.


Awesome! I’d found my Calling! I did it! 

So far so good, until several years later, I was alarmed to feel increasingly unhappy every day walking to my clinic.

And it scared the hell out of me. I thought I must be spiritually broken, or simply incapable of being content: I had an amazing craft that thrilled me, the best clients in the world, and a WARM office. What the hell was wrong with me?

I wrestled with this for another couple of years when a spring afternoon came that I will never forget. A story came to me in a flash, out of nowhere. I could picture two Barbers - twin brothers - and somehow knew exactly what their story was. Though they were both barbers, one had found his Calling, and the other hadn’t.

I knew EXACTLY what the matter with me was, in an instant, and by the end of the afternoon had started to make very new plans.

I have never questioned what I’m doing with my life since that day nearly 15yrs ago. And I guess I’m not broken, because I’ve been content ever since as well. Here's the story.


The Tale of the Two Barbers

💈 👇 💈


Video Poster Image

OMG - I’m Barber #1 😱

I sat back in my chair. I love doing energy healing work, and I love my clients. But I’d built myself a prison in which to do this! I hate being stuck in an office all day, for starters.

So... what’s my Barber #2? I wondered. And that's when the adventure began.


My Barber 1: teaching workshops on Energy Healing, and meditation, seeing 1on1 Reiki clients in my clinic.

My Barber 2: I founded the Big Dream Program. I STILL do energy work with clients who want it (very handy for big dreams!). But I blended it with my other passions - talking with people about my own favourite topics: big dreams, life, relationships, inner healing.

I ditched the office, took my workshops on long-dreamed-of roadtrips across Canada and the US - with my kids. 1200+ people came out to those workshops, so when I got home I took the Big Dream Program online. My clients since are around the world. I work from home, or a cottage in Nova Scotia, or anywhere I want. Some folks are VERY happy with their cozy office - and should do that. I wasn't.

Point: I am STILL Alex the same Energy Healing (and practical) guy underneath all this, only that NOW, after the Barber Story, this is how I do it.

How'd I come up with this? Same way you can, if you are interested in tinkering with this ecosystem model. I put 5 things together that I already had IN FRONT OF ME the whole time, but didn't know they could go together. And bam. That was the result.


What's your Barber #2 🤔?

Let's try it for you and see what happens.

This whole program is about diving deep to help you figure out what your Barber #2 is:

Here's what I came to see: Barber #2's result (and therefore mine) is made of 5 pieces that can operate as an ecosystem that, in my delight that day, I called the 5 Juicy Realizations, or 5JRs for short. (I admit now more than a decade later that Juicy Realizations is a little bit cheesy, but the 5JRs stuck, and there it is.)

They are:

JR1: Your Big Dreams in life (or small ones too.)

JR2: Your Daily Lifestyle (where are you at 1 o'clock on a Tuesday, for instance, with whom, doing what?)

JR3: Your WHOS. (the people in your personal and community life as well as whomever you work with or for.)

JR4: Your Inner Life. (How you feel inside yourself)

JR5: Your Work, and Income (which can be two separate things.)


Here's my take on these 5JRs - during one of those workshop-teaching roadtrips with my kids I mentioned. 

(I was younger then. So were they 🤣. They're all grown up now and out living their own lives now!, and I've got more grey hair. I'm so grateful I got to do this when they were small.)


Video Poster Image

The Barber Breakdown 🥸

What it can look like when we include ALL FIVE JRs.

WTF!! Cool! How would these 5JRs fit together for me? I'm a little... different. 😜

Here's the BEST question I know to get you started off in your life-ecosystem designing


When we're trying to figure out our calling or life-purpose (that feeling of being on-track & doing what we're meant to be doing), the mainstream non-ecosystem template most of have been handed to cope with this conundrum has suggested we look at ONE, or maybe TWO of these JRs and tinker with it.

  • Get a new job, or start a business (JR5),
  • Go to therapy (JR4),
  • Find a way to spend more time with your loved ones, or see if you can fix the awkward relationship with your co-worker (JR3),
  • Go part-time or work from home (JR2)…
  • Or f*** it all, I'm packing it in and moving to Costa Rica and writing my book of poetry (JR1)

These are GREAT ideas potentially - if they're important to you! I'm all for it!


I submit here: Their likelihood of actually happening AND bringing you closer to that previously-elusive feeling of 'Ahhhhhhh. This is IT!' goes WAYYYY up if you can back out of this one-track mindset and look at the WHOLE ECOSYSTEM. 

If you work on the whole ecosystem at once, the beauty is that JRs start to help each other!

"A rising tide rises all boats," as they say where I'm from.


Let's talk about your work-moves, as an example that most of my clients are wrestling with:

Without the ecosystem model: If it's our work that we want to change: the question we’ve been TAUGHT to ask from the old model is:

What would I like to do?

If you would have answered 'I'm thinking I want to be a Barber', you can now see the problem. 

What if we replace 'Barber' with Doctor, Author, Live-Off-The-Land Hippie, Yoga Teacher, Entrepreneur, Community Activist, or Carpenter? - Those are all great ideas, but in attaching our 'calling' to a 'label' like this alone, we are running the same risk as Barber #1.

Our Daily Life is the garden in which all of our decisions grow in. We don’t want a new work decision to become like an invasive weed that takes over the whole garden and smothers everything.


With the ecosystem model: suggests an infinitely more practical - and likely to work out - question for you to answer:

What would I like to be doing on a Tuesday, say, with whom, and why?

I have had more clients than I can count who’ve built new business projects from scratch within a short period of time by answering that question. Angela, for example, and Susanne


Inside this program I will show you how to use the Ecosystem Model to make everything from small improvements, to a complete fresh start, like I did. 

I think that figuring out our ‘calling’ is more like designing a garden. And what most of us needed - was a map for this garden, an understanding of how to work with such an ecosystem. A way to figure things out on our own. I don't know what you should do with your life, but I may indeed know how you can figure it out. 

If this is of interest to you, you may consider joining me inside the Big Dream Program. 🙂


I’ve always found that freedom is possible with just the right amount of structure.

like your one here with her speedy roller skates, for instance 🙂

What do you hope to feel?

Why care about any of this? I think, just like Barber #2, what many of us are craving underneath is a taste of feelings like these:

I really lived.
I really like myself.
I am satisfied. Content.
I have a lot fewer regrets than I might have if I hadn't tried something I was dreaming of.
I feel comfortable in my own skin, happy with who I am, and content with what I do. 
I am so glad I took Alex’s program. (ok - this was a blatant sales tactic. Ignore this one.)



From Jeanne...

I came to Alex after a few years of really just losing hope that I was going to find work that was meaningful to me. And that fit the lifestyle I really dreamed of. He is the first person I worked with that I felt like gets it and can help me.

He is so good at getting you out of a one track mind, I came to him because I didn't want to be what I was before. But I couldn't get myself to think in a different way. 

If you're considering working with Alex, I highly recommend it.

Why I’m offering this beta:

I've spent...

The last 15+ years: full-time work with clients and workshop participants on this topic. Taking careful notes.

The last couple of years: sifting through and compiling this mountain of on-the-ground experience, material, and client stories figuring out what worked best, and simplifying it - still ongoing. I am writing a book and building this online program.


This beta...

Helps me: As I do the work of compiling the lessons I've learned with clients and turn it into a DIY program, I need some brave trailblazing early-adopter folks to try it out, piece by piece over the coming while - to run each of my exercises, stories, videos, guided meditations and workbooks through their paces - using them to figure out and create YOUR Barber #2 move in the world - and if willing along the way, tell me what the best bits were for you in my process. This will help me hone it, and fine-tune it AS I continue the last leg of my journey to creating the 1-stop online Big Dream Program (2.0!)

Helps someone like this: You’re not only helping me, you will be helping those who come into this later, like the overwhelmed single-parent who really needs to make a change but doesn’t have the time to do a beta like this. You are helping me create an efficient program for busy people who need it after you.

Helps you: (if you're interested, that is!) You can dig into this process now, instead of months from now. And... you get a LOT 😱 of perks, and you get ME 🙂


Where this is happening, and how it works:

Our group home: Having a community together is a great way to meet people as crazy as you are! Including me! 😜

Where: For just a little while longer, everything is happening in our own private Facebook group, but is VERY imminently moving off-Facebook to our new membership home off of 'social-media' - on a platform called which I’ve used in the past and really like.

You can start now in the meantime, if you’d like: and walk down the street with the rest of us to our new home when the doors open. 

Or: you can hold tight until we get there.

Either way: If you’re feeling keen on this, fill out the application at the bottom - because there’s a checkbox in that form to tell me your preference and we’ll go from there.


What: I will roll out my complete program in front of you in do-at-your-own pace achievable chunks as I go, including ALL my material - some of which will not make the cut when the beta’s over.


Easy-to-organize: Course material inside the BETA will be organized into a core architecture: These are easy-to-find modules and lessons where you can check off your progress as you go and know exactly where you left off next time you pop in.


Do at your own pace: Take your time, and enjoy it!

  • I will NOT be rushing or overwhelming ANYONE to ‘pack stuff in’. 
  • Exercises of various sorts will unroll into our group over the coming months.
  • Many exercises / lessons can be done offline.
  • All live classes are optional, and most recorded, so you can fit them around your already busy schedule.
  • You don’t have to do ALL lessons if you don’t want to. You can go deep on the things you ❤️, and breeze through with minimal effort those which don’t speak to you.

Price: $320 CAD. Access to everything for 3 months. 

Founding members: For helping me out in this beta, the $320 CAD (= about $240 USD) covers all the material in here + access to it and our community + whatever live events we have for 3 months.

It's a monthly subscription after that. That should give you PLENTY of time to do what you wish and see if you like it!


To put the $320 into perspective (if that's a doable figure in your life, that is, without putting you into trouble): Here's how I'd look at it.

Firstly - There's at this point more than $600 of my best-selling client-favourite material which you get access to right away before the REST of this even rolls out - so there's that. (Listed below.)

SecondlyI think if you fell asleep mid-way through this program, and managed to stagger out of it with just ONE thing that saved you money, time, or sanity down the road, or made one decision wayyyy better, I think you might find it a damn-solid investment at $320.

👉 MOST IMPORTANTLY 👉 And that’s saying nothing about the frightening sums 😬 it can cost us in money, and life-wealth (time, relationships, and sanity) to make a big decision to, say: start a business, join an expensive guru's class, go back to school, or make a career move with the risk of it turning out like Barber #1. DO any or ALL of those fun things! But I suggest getting your ecosystem started FIRST so you have a better sense of what you need, and where you're going. Then lay down the big bucks. 

Building your Ecosystem: This is what we’re going to do in here! We’re rolling up our sleeves and heading for some deep dives to uncover the 5JR ingredients that matter to YOU 🙂

I was so grateful to find Alex's trailblazing Big Dream Program...

"Before meeting Alex, I searched for life coach and business coach programs for over 10 years - with many disappointments. I'd had chronic pain and burnout from bad career and life decisions I made. I wanted to be self-employed but the typical business world of SWOT analyses and business plans felt alarmingly like going back into a life of selling out and compromising my health.

I was so grateful to find Alex's trailblazing Big Dream Program, which helped me not only create a Celtic Journaling Course and a Life Purpose Coaching Program that I absolutely love and increases my health and well-being - but there's more. Alex is one of the two people closest to such enlightened humans as Thich Nhat Hanh and Eckhart Tolle I've ever met - and his extraordinary program continues to help me awaken and be a better person far beyond my expectations of any online program."

Jen Kelly in British Columbia, Canada  |  Her program here: Celtic Callings 30day Life Purpose Coaching

"After Alex, I have a global practice, speak on stages..."

For years I was afraid to dream big because it would mean that I would have to show up in my native and authentic gifts. I was immobilized by being comfortable. After Alex, I have a global practice, speak on stages - under lights, and allow myself to offer a space for healing that I didn’t know was possible. This was all through his eBook and a few classes. I can’t more enthusiastically jump for joy, share hips and hoorays, and hold one of those big foam fingers in the direction of Alex and his work. Go that way…. your dream is too important not to.

xx Amelia, North Carolina  |

In return for your trailblazing support:

AND receiving these lessons over the coming months versus all ‘right away’ dropped in your lap (which would be overwhelming anyhow, I’d guess)

You GET:

🔥 A community of like-minded folks to do this with:

Cool weird people who care about the same things you do: You get to meet and work alongside people who care about this topic as much as you do - people working towards the SAME THING - and in my experience, most of the rest of the world often thinks we’re bat-shit crazy with all our big dreams and ideas. So - it is a BIG help to have people who think like we do to hang with, and will encourage us vs look at us weirdly 😜👀

Aside from kinship, there’s another strategic advantage in this for you: You’re apt to stick with it! Statistics suggest we are up to 5x 😱 more likely to see something through that matters to us when we have a solid group of like-minded folks to do it with. (it’s why jogging and workout groups, or book-writing masterminds are so popular and successful)

🔥 You will get all of my material, including my coming-down-the-pipe expansion packs.

The very first thing you will get is your MapMaker Workbook eKit.

Why: You can get a massive head-start right away. I’ve had clients start businesses & new projects within days of filling out this eKit. It is highly practical. And selfishly for me - I don’t think participants beyond this beta phase will get these workbooks upfront, and I want to get your opinion on this later.

Workbook 1: The 29 questions - a journaling workbook that will get everything that's important to you (in these JRs!) out on the table.

Workbook 2: The Filler-Outer - allows you to plug your 29 answers into a template I've already written for you - to see what work / life project ideas pop out the other end. It can be a great way to conceptualize a new business or work / life direction decision.



Whaaat? That not enough? 🤔 Geez, tough crowd. Well how about this then...?


🔥  ALL of my client's favourite eKits and programs: (Combined value $275)

The Capacity Generator - What I discovered when I had a year of burnout and depression. A hell of a journaling exercise, if I may say so, with sophisticated but simple energy-healing tools baked into it. My best-selling eKit.

The Relationship Resolver eKit - A new way to see ‘under the hood’ of our relationships and begin to change how they feel.

The Pause Button Energy-Meditation Program for Entrepreneurs and Project Makers - 14 Pause-Button Meditations: for practical challenges in the life of an entrepreneur or anyone else putting themselves ‘out there’ in the world with their own work.

The 30day Inner Roadtrip - The 30 most powerful things I learned as a Reiki Master & Teacher with clients. 30 meditations. 30 days. 30 new vantage points to discover the beauty and 'workings' under the 'hood' of your life... where everything matters - like where joy tends to hide in the body, and confidence, and 28 other highly useful ‘inner roadtrips’. 🧘🏽


🔥 The Work Forge: (only for program participants) My entire video library of Fireside Chats - Q&As and teaching sessions I've done for a group of mentorship clients.

Topics like: The hidden value of restlessness; Am I good enough? - a badass visualization tool for this; Different words in our mind can change our body's reaction; Confusion & Indecision; Building (or finding) the confidence to face something... and many more.


🔥 AND - here's a sampling of tools and experiences you'll be getting in this program... 

  • The Big Dream Toolbox - inspiring tools to help progress happen more peacefully.
  • The Architect's Studio - a new way to work and get shit done!
  • The State-Cultivator - Creating how you wish to feel before you make a move. Two methods.
  • Inner Energy Tips and tricks for your big dreams and projects - from this 20yr full-time energy healing master and teacher turned life coach.
  • The Blending Module - (my most popular) - for people with 'too many' interests. There may be a damn good reason you couldn't choose between them. It may mean you're an 'Experience Designer'. 
  • The 4 ways to earn money. The 4th is what sets most of my clients free.
  • The Butterfly Levers - how to relax a goal towards you when striving hasn't worked!
  • The Architect, The Artist, and the Solid. (You’ll ❤️ the solid - a powerful perspective I learned trying to accomplish work underwater that I want to share with you.)
  • My 30min micro-course on how I use a Big Dream + Apps like Workflowy and Notion to get a WHOLE lot of shit done. First time I’ve been organized in my life since I figured that out, and it feels GREAT! ie - how a previously-disorganized hippie with big dreams accomplished more in the last 2 years than the 15 years before it. With less effort, and more fun. 
  • The Chakra Tube - why we sometimes keep jumping from one shiny new thing to the next, and a way to understand what is happening.
  • LOTS of relevant stories - I've got a ton of them - such as: The diver with a shovel, What shrimp can teach us about our big dream...
  • The Elegant Extraction method: how to get yourself out of stuff you no longer want to do. Including wording template. Ahhh… more breathing space.
  • The Locked in a Coffee Shop exercise - another client favourite. They quote it ALL the time, and outright steal it often enough to use with their own clients or family 🤣 (which delights me.)
  • The spy meditation - how to ground yourself quickly.
  • The powerful Likes List exercise - for when you’re feeling blah and just not that excited about anything these days.
  • How to float out a new business idea from scratch in 3 days. 
  • How to implement the ‘50 coffees’ approach to get known for something new you’re trying. (with wording template)
  • The Tamara and the Taverna-Keeper short-story - not published yet. I think you might like Tamara. 


Lookit you. Troublemaker. If that's not enough, I gotta throw in the towel here 🤣

If this is a fit, I hope to meet you soon.

Apply here 👇

the Road-Less-Travelled Mavericks’ Guide to Kick-A** Life & Work Design


PS - A personal note from me.

An invitation letter like this is supposed to be all about what YOU want. As always, I’m not great at following rules. Here's what I want:

I ❤️ working with people like this: Those who feel a deep desire to figure out their own unique way they can help our collective world and community, and also have a sane and satisfying personal life - rich in life-wealth. 

Why I, personally, do this work: I like to think of myself as a gardener, of sorts. I've spent the last two decades working full-time with folks who are out there making our community and world - or most importantly their inner world - a kinder place. And watching these people over years, I've had a ring-side seat to see the beautiful ripple effects the changes they make (big or small) has on others around them.

It's led me to believe that the solutions to our world’s problems, the many many many forms of beauty, music, art, peace, laughter and enjoyment, and breakthroughs in compassionate and kind-to-our-planet living that we have not heard of yet, but which will make life for all of us so much better...

Already exist

As seeds deep in the hearts of people out there right now - on sidewalks, crossing kitchens, on the subway, walking a path, or reading my words now. Someone is dreaming of changing their life, another of teaching kids how to connect with nature, another of writing their memoir, another to start growing their own vegetables with their family.

They feel this seed as a tugging in their heart. They feel its ‘call’. It may not be selfish to pay attention to it. It may be the most unselfish thing we could ever do.

So that the kids growing up amongst us can know at least one person who has chosen to live life differently. That may be the only thing they will need to unlock the seeds in their heart down the road. Knowing you.

I would die a satisfied man if I could be a gardener in this world of such seeds.