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The WTH am I doing with my life?! eKit

Free :)

Welcome to the Big Dream Program. This class is focused on the question that I had asked myself for 20 years and I h...

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The Capacity Generator eKit

$120.00 CAD

Transparently, and highly personally, this is how I beat depression and burnout in following my dreams and my dream w...

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the 30 Day Inner Roadtrip!

$75.00 CAD

Would you like to join me for a wild roadtrip of the 'inner kind'?

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the Relationship Resolver eKit

$50.00 CAD

Relationships are sooo good when they are good. They just lift us up. But, when an important relationship is just not...

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the Pause Button eKit - Energy Meditation unlockers for Entrepreneurs and Project-Makers

$40.00 CAD

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1on1 Coaching!

$200 CAD / session

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