This is me, and what I like to share most: a new way to figure out and plan your ninja work & life moves. And it'll give you a feel for my approach. I recorded this during a Baisley family big dream roadtrip.

A little bit about me.

After 20 years of making bad decisions in my work life, I, thankfully, had a brainwave. One Spring afternoon. And it changed everything. I now do what I do with my Big Dream Program - helping others - as a result.


I'd spent a loooong time trying to figure out what the *&^% to do with my life, and after two 10yr careers as commercial diver, then Reiki Master… (you see the connection, don’t you?..  ?) I still hadn’t cracked it. And was just about thinking I’d missed the boat.


One April afternoon, (no blinding light, just a nice coffee) I suddenly realized the problem. I was trying to answer the wrong questions to figure it all out. Turns out ‘what would I like to do?’ is a VERY unhelpful and trap-making question for many of us. And it’s been keeping many of us stuck for decades.


I realized that most people with lots of interests, passions, care for the world, and ambition to experience a lot in life are going about figuring out their work / income / lifestyle ideas the wrong way.


Mainstream models of figuring out ‘what the eff to do with your life’ work really badly for many of us, and can keep us searching, unhappy, or broke.


I have since been teaching classes online, working with clients, and sometimes traveling around North America, often with my family, tent, and laptop… teaching workshops… helping to bring a taste of freedom and a new approach to greatness to folks who just KNEW they had it in them. But couldn’t find it.


Due to growing up in the Maritimes of Canada, and then 7 years in Galway, Ireland as a commercial diver, I've got

  • a bizarre accent,
  • an innate propensity to colourful language,
  • a love of self-employment or at least self-directedness,
  • a down-to-earthiness I'm told,
  • a story-telling nature - my stories are 95% true, I just can't always remember what the 5% is after I've told them and embellished them enough times.
  • and when I can...  amongst my weaknesses (just ask my family - they'll tell you I have several to be sure), I tend to be very good at helping really crazy maverick folks figure out how to weave their hundred interests and quirks together into their beautiful CALLING in this world. ie - what they could be doing with their lives. AND - helping them make their big meaningful contribution in the world they knew they had in them.