First off - NEWS!

My new program is open! Check out the beta for the Big Dream Program 2.0 online program here. It's so new, it's nowhere else on my website yet - so putting it right here at the top for now. :)  

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'WTF am I doing with my life'?!?

If you've been asking that question for awhile, and not seeming to get satisfyingly far with it, I submit that a different question might be easier to answer: 'What would I like to be doing on a Tuesday?' Welcome to the Big Dream Program. I'm Alex. Try this video... The Tale of the Two Barbers.

When trying to figure out your next big life & work chapter...


Here are some thoughts I can offer that I hope might help you out. You can check them out to see if my point of view might be useful for a wild (and maybe a bit wonderfully weird?) person like you. 


  • The Tale of the Two Barbers in the video above is an analogy for how I went from commercial diver to Reiki Master to founder of the Big Dream Program 15 years ago, and maybe it could be 'just the perspective' for you.
  • That story changed my life & work completely, and led me to create my foundation workshop - the Calling Workshop - which I toured around Canada and the US, then live online around the world - and finally... put here. Free. For you if you'd like it. You can have the 11-module 'WTH am I doing with my life?! eKit' free of charge on this page just below these bullet points.
  • More than 1200 people did that workshop with me which catalyzed the past 10+yrs doing 1on1 Coaching work with folks. I usually work with 10 individual clients at any given time. Info, examples, and link to apply at that link.
  • As I worked with folks over the years, I noticed that my particular blend of energy work incl meditation + practical was what most of my clients got the best results from. And what seemed to be missing for them in other resources they'd tried. I blend my 20yrs as a Reiki Master and meditation teacher with how to build a dream, or a business - from the inside out. I wanted to share some of what was most effectual with more people than just my 1on1 clients, and for that purpose created these eKits.
  • And the articles and another free class here on my blog.
  • I have indeed endeavoured to share on social media amidst all this, and here are Some FB Live videos on stories and topics that might apply to you.
  • Beyond that, feel free to drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you. Let me know what you're trying to figure out!

Big hug,


A free 11-Module eKit.

You can get my entire foundation work here. A complete course on the 5JRs I talked about in the video, a highly unique bucket list kit, energy-meditation tips, and a pile more.