Welcome to the Big Dream Program

An impromptu wander around my kitchen, and an invitation to check out my Big Dream Program. If the topic of life purpose, life direction, finding your calling, or put more simply: ‘figuring out what the sweet holy f**k am I doing next with my life’ is a big question for you these days, this program is about that.


First off - NEWS!

#1: My new group program is happening now! I teach a good bit of my perspective right in my invitation page (big orange button below), because not everyone will want to 'join me and our motley gang of 64 inspiring and eclectic folks from around the world right now' but might still like to hear my perspective on how I'm approaching it. And if you wish to join us, the application form is at the bottom! Can't wait to read it!

Incidentally, this current group version of my program is so new, it's nowhere else on my website yet - so putting it right here at the top of my homepage for now. 🙂  Click here 👇

--> Learn about the BDP 2.0 here


#2: Check out my new little book, Tamara and the Taverna Keeper. You can read it no charge, no opt-in right here!

--> Read Tamara & the Taverna Keeper here!

'WTF am I doing with my life'?!?

If you've been asking that question for awhile, and not seeming to get satisfyingly far with it, I submit that a different question might be easier to answer: 'What would I like to be doing on a Tuesday?' Welcome to the Big Dream Program. I'm Alex. Try this video... The Tale of the Two Barbers.

When trying to figure out your next big life & work chapter...


Here are some thoughts I can offer that I hope might help you out. You can check them out to see if my point of view might be useful for a wild (and maybe a bit wonderfully weird?) person like you. 


  • You may want to read the invitation letter for my current group program, as I decided to teach my perspective in a micro-class right in that letter. That way a person can either make a VERY informed choice as to whether they'd like to join my program OR take what they learn, if they like it, and work on it themselves.
  • The Tale of the Two Barbers in the video above is an analogy for how I went from commercial diver to Reiki Master to founder of the Big Dream Program 15 years ago, and maybe it could be 'just the perspective' for you.
  • That story changed my life & work completely, and led me to create my foundation workshop - the Calling Workshop - which I toured around Canada and the US, then live online around the world - and finally... put here. Free. For you if you'd like it. You can have the 11-module 'WTH am I doing with my life?! eKit' free of charge on this page just below these bullet points.
  • More than 1200 people did that workshop with me which catalyzed the past 15+yrs doing 1on1 Coaching work with folks. I usually work with 10 individual clients at any given time. Info, examples, and link to apply at that link.
  • As I worked with folks over the years, I noticed that my particular blend of energy work incl meditation + practical was what most of my clients got the best results from. And what seemed to be missing for them in other resources they'd tried. I blend my 20yrs as a Reiki Master and meditation teacher with how to build a dream, or a business - from the inside out. I wanted to share some of what was most effectual with more people than just my 1on1 clients, and for that purpose created these eKits.
  • And the articles and another free class here on my blog.
  • Beyond that, feel free to drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you. Let me know what you're trying to figure out!

Big hug,


A free 11-Module eKit.

You can get my entire foundation work here. A complete course on the 5JRs I talked about in the video, a highly unique bucket list kit, energy-meditation tips, and a pile more.