The Capacity Generator

An alternative approach for times when finding our way and contributing to the world as we want to (let alone trying to manage our own lives ๐Ÿ˜ฌ) has gotten tough... We're simply out of steam ๐Ÿ˜ฎโ€๐Ÿ’จ. The Capacity Generator is a journaling-style tool that has helped a lot of good folks re-build their capacity. Sometimes from scratch.


“I can't remember a time when I have felt so excited and proactive.” ~ Hollie, Canada


Hiya friend, 


There are times in life, I think for most of us, when we just can't seem to find the bloody energy to get going, to pick up the torch - even though we really want to.

We're out of steam. 

I've noticed in my work that this feeling is especially common amongst folks who have big dreams, a strong sense of purpose, and a deep care for their community and the world at large. They have a burning desire to make a unique contribution, but may find themselves struggling with a lack of energy and motivation.



Sometimes, the best we seem to be able to do is get out of bed. Maybe.


If we're in situations like this, life can feel heavy, and everything takes more effort. It's like we're constantly spinning our wheels, or trying to fight a current, without getting anywhere. It can also be very isolating.


  • We might find it hard to communicate our struggles to others, and even when they want to help, they just don't seem to 'get it.' It can be frustrating and disheartening, especially when we don't fully understand what the heck the problem is ourselves.
  • And overwhelmed by all the good ideas we have, but struggle to take action on them. This leads many of us to a sense of guilt, especially when we feel like we're being a burden to loved ones.
  • Old friends or a even a book might tell us (or we just assume they think it) ‘get off your effing ass and fix this’



But the fire inside us feels pretty dim.


We're smart as heck, and we know something’s amiss, so we take stock:

  • Why can't I figure this out? What's wrong with me?
  • I'm smart, I know it, and I'm meant to do things with my life, in this world, but I am struggling.
  • I've blazed new trails all my life. I KNOW I'm strong *somewhere* deep inside.

Where's my get-up-and-go? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ‍๐Ÿ’จ
No damn idea.

So… We survive. We get up every day, and we still try. We gamely try. We’re indomitable that way, we never give up.

We feel - and this is the most important thing on this whole page - we feel... deep down, that we WILL crack this somehow. We know it. Somehow...

We don’t give up trying to find ‘some wedge of light’ somewhere – a book, an idea, a ‘sudden change inside’ that will release us from the prison.

But holy geez. If you're anything like I was... months go by, perhaps years… and still… staring at the computer screen… thinking…

What the ---- is the MATTER? I can’t seem to DO anything!?! ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ


One of my most favourite people on the planet - an old and dear friend (and a periodic wonderful client who did this Capacity Generator journaling process with me) bravely shared with me a list of words that described how she felt on Day 1 when she started this CapGen process, and then again on Day 15:


“How I feel beginning (Day 1):

feelings of being overwhelmed, fear, anxiety, helplessness, darkness, depressed, low self-worth, lacking in self-confidence, adrift, directionless, no ability to focus, invisible, feeling incapacitated, hopeless, despair, lack of faith in myself."


โ€‹"How things feel now (Day 15):

relief, becoming unblocked, opening up, sense of movement and direction, no longer in a place of isolation, empowerment, growing confidence, reassurance, validation, sense of self-worth, perking up, calmer, like a weight has lifted off my chest, happier, better with trying situations, happier in my skin, writing this exercise is helping me to notice, accept, understand, and let go, sparkly, colourful, hope, kinder to myself and others, excitement, MORE ENERGY!”



This change she created for herself came from writing 25 lines or more per day, for two weeks, in her 'CapGen' journal. 

This process has been such an energy-refresher for many folks who need a boost, and put in the work to try it out. It looks a bit like gratitude, a bit like affirmations, but the strategy underpinning these simple lines is far more sophisticated from an energy point of view.



"My life is coming back. I was flattened by a steamroller and this is getting me back under way. After day four I was  getting up earlier and ready to feel good. I really needed to hear your message. It was spot on… I was stalled and needed something to get me going again. Thank you so much.” Heather, Canada




The morning for me that started all of this.


A particular morning stands out vividly in my memory as one of the turning points in my life. It was about eight years ago, and I was going through a severe burnout that left me feeling incapacitated. I struggled to communicate with anyone outside my home, and even simple tasks felt overwhelming. This led to me failing in my work obligations and responsibilities, my self-employed income drying up as a result, and feeling like a failure to my family.


Despite having amassed an impressive healing toolbox of meditation, energy healing, great supporters, and even therapists in my life, nothing seemed to make a difference to this situation - until that morning.


I remember staring at my computer, feeling helpless and wishing I could restart my work on my beloved business - my Big Dream Program. I longed to connect with others but found myself unable to, or even say ‘sorry’ properly to those I’d let down, because I didn't know if I could live up to any promises to make amends.


I had nothing left in the tank. I found myself thinking…


I just don’t have the capacity to do ANYTHING!


And then it happened... 


The thing that changed everything. It was – simply a thought. It appeared out of the gloom like a bird who fluttered into my mind:

‘I do have enough capacity to brush my teeth.’


The thought, small as it was, stopped me cold. I had indeed brushed my teeth an hour earlier.

Then, minutes later, another thought fluttered in as I sipped my tea… 

‘I do have enough capacity to make a tea’.


Then a third thought:

‘Although I don’t have the capacity to email anyone, I do have the capacity to stand up and stretch’.


That moment, that morning, the state I was in began to turn around.

And, I started making a list of these thoughts. 


By the end of that day I’d made a list of at least a hundred small things I'd had the capacity to do and I could feel deep down that ‘something was definitely shifting’ as I was doing so. It was having an effect. I couldn't accomplish much else in those days, so I kept writing. What could it hurt, at this point?

Day after day, I dug out my journal and wrote lines like this.

It would take me a few more weeks than my client years later because of techniques I would later learn and you will find in this CapGen kit, but my strength was noticeably returning every day I did this. I began to feel hope again. It was like physiotherapy for my mind, and it was working.


I came to call this writing tool the Capacity Generator.


And it is one of the things I am most grateful to have learned, and be able to share ever since, in my whole life. 


When it helped me get back to work – I started sharing it with friends and clients...

What we learned together is that when a person plugged specific words into the CapGen journaling exercise, in a certain sequence, it would often result in increased strength, confidence, peace, lightness.

We also learned: the same approach could be used to nourish and enhance any quality that we desire - anything from overcoming depression or burnout, to improving our relationships, to being better in our work.

We can come back stronger than before, with more to offer. 


“It helped me to feel really good about myself.”  ~ Bonnie, Canada


“I am so much more positive.”  ~ Hollie, Canada


“I feel stronger and more grounded. More confident about trying something new.”  ~ Joyce in USA.


“I stopped doing the [CapGen] after a few days because I naturally had enough capacity to get traction on the projects that were in front of me that needed attention but I was previously feeling heavy about (not quite overwhelmed, but awfully close)”  ~ Matt, Canada


Here’s what you'll get inside your 'CapGen' eKit: ๐Ÿ‘‡

  • Welcome + Getting Started video
  • 4 Prime-The-Generator questions to help you identify which inner 'capacities' you could benefit from the most
  • 10 Core Lessons with videos and writing prompts.
  • The Bonus module includes 16 extra lessons that cover various topics, such as The Back Deck metaphor, the Pink Flowers approach, Somatic-body-healing methods, 2 success stories from clients who improved their finances using the CapGen tool, and many more.
  • This course is quick and packs a punch. I expect you will feel the glimmerings of results within the first couple of lessons.

This eKit has been developed over years, hundreds of hours, and close to 100,000 journal lines, by myself and the early trailblazers of this program. It changed our lives, and we're excited to make it available for others.

 If this sounds interesting to you, I'll see you on the inside!



โค๏ธ Price and How to Begin โค๏ธ

I have done this work for years with private clients, alongside my life-direction coaching, and before I had this eKit available it took at least $1000 worth of 1on1 time to do this.

The eKit now makes this work far more accessible for folks who’d prefer to do it on their own.


Price: $120 (Canadian)…

  • Click here for a currency converter.


How it works:

  • When you check-out, you will end up in your own student dashboard on my Big Dream Program website.
  • You can do the program at your own pace. It will track your progress so you'll know where you left off each day.
  • There is also an app ๐Ÿคฉ you can download to your phone, and do the whole thing there.


How to buy:

  • Click the big orange button below!


If this all resonates, and you'd like to try it, then I'll see you on the inside :)


Alex Baisley


From Sharon in Ontario:

"[Alex has] stumbled on a profound principle of emotional rewiring only now coming to light in the psychological literature. And better, he’s built a simple, self guided, affordable, program around it that can create some real change in how you think and feel about yourself.

I’ve been in the coaching, neuro-leadership and emotional intelligence biz for 20 years. I’ve taken a ridiculous number of programs. I’m kind of hard to please when it comes to development. But I can say this about the Capacity Generator Program: This is exactly the kind of intervention that sticks and has a powerful, lasting impact. Simple, well designed, eminently do-able, it just works. Treat yourself. You won’t regret it." 

PS - one last story ๐Ÿ™‚ This from Jess in USA:

Before: “I remember how I felt before starting this program. I was hyper critical of everything I was doing, second guessing so much of my work. It got to a point, right before starting CapGen, that I was so scared of doing things wrong that I actually ended up overthinking projects at work and sabotaged myself. I had no motivation to pursue the hobbies I loved, or to cook meals every day. It was a struggle for me to keep any kind of routine."

2.5 weeks later: "Fast forward to last week, the first week after CapGen wrapped up. I went into work feeling like someone else had taken over. I stopped questioning what I was doing, if it was right, if I’d be critiqued, or if someone would think I’m less than for not being 100% right. Little inconveniences rolled off my shoulders and I was able to keep a level head the whole week. No extra stress that usually drained me and left me exhausted and ready for bed before 6pm. I realized I had time and energy to spend on my hobbies. I felt so much stronger and confident in myself…I hadn’t felt this way in a long time."