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Pause Button Energy Meditation Series for Entrepreneurs and Project-Makers

The Pause Button Energy Meditation eKit for Entrepreneurs and Project-Makers

Welcome to this eKit!

Hi there,


I have come to realize that the clients I’ve been working with over the years that have succeeded with their dreams more easily are the ones for whom this exercise I’m going to share has dissolved much of their inner fears and blocks around their own moves they’ve been trying to make to step into their full selves, and were struggling with.

It’s a tool. A meditation-type-of-tool.

And it shifts and dissolves current comfort zone ‘glass ceilings’ we have that we know are holding us back from doing things like:


  • selling your workshops
  • writing that book
  • raising your prices
  • giving talks and presentations - i.e. - public speaking - GAHHHH!
  • people asking us the dreaded question at a networking event or party: “So what do you do?”
  • charging money, or charging ENOUGH money for the work we’ve built with our heart and want so much to live on.
  • The ‘I don’t know what to do next’ fog

In this eKit I will be teaching you this meditation tool - that works to alter how we feel in these situations in as quickly as 10 minutes.

We will cover some primary situations that tend to trip up gorgeous self-employed folks with sharing their true gift. 

And - more importantly to you down the road - it shows you how to use this tool for all of your own tricky situations. One that’ll work fast, and gives you incredible insights into WHY you are having some of the inner struggles you’ve been having with some of the things you most want - or NEED - to be doing and can’t bloody well get yourself to do it ;)

It’s not procrastination, well it is, but there’s a reason for it. Some part of us inside is simply… scared. Really scared. Would we push a really scared child to do something when they’re clearly totally not ok with it? In most cases, no.

And similarly…. It’s not always the right, kindest, or frankly fastest approach to fight with ourselves day in day out to do things like: get out to networking events, write and publish your blog posts… record videos… when there’s a piece of us inside that truly needs hearing. We can instead uncover, listen to… and observe that piece. 

This is what I’m showing you in this Kit.


9 times out of 10… using this tool, you’ll find that piece inside. And it’ll start to change how you feel in minutes.


Bottom line - sometimes we have to fight to make something happen… but not nearly as often as we think.


There’s a completely different, refreshing, kinder, and infinitely more productive and savvy way IN to the things that will make you and your work sing, and I think this is it.

I hope you enjoy it.


Big hug,

Alex Baisley

Part 1: The Welcome Video

NOTE! This eKit is from a class I taught Live - using Facebook Live for the first time - and I had technical difficulties. SO... please skip to the time 2:22 if you don't want to hear and watch me crashing and burning in the first part. :)


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