My 2 MapMaker 


In one eKit.

Available outside of my 1on1s and programs for the first time in years ($31 CAD for now) below πŸ‘‡

Your host: Welcome to the Big Dream Program

Hi there, I’m Alex Baisley. Creator of the Big Dream Program, and these 2 MapMaker workbooks. This is my ‘taverna,’ you might say. (That’ll make more sense if you wish to read my book!)


If you're wondering what you're doing with your life these days, my whole program is about that for nearly 20 years. Starting with these workbooks!

 What if you had a guidebook about you?

A map that helps make sense of all the wild and wonderful things that make you... YOU, and how to use that to plan your next life+work moves!


"The MapMaker is like having a fill-in-the-blanks, choose-your-own-adventure, guide to YOU."


Hiya friend,

If you know someone who is juggling a heck of a lot of interests & talents, maybe certifications and degrees, yet trying to wrangle them all into a business, community, or life project to move forward with is proving really hard...

Here are my two highly practical workbooks they can do in one day (if they’re in a hurry 😜) that can help bigtime. They are on sale for $31. 

This can be a quick way to conceptualize a new business or work / life direction decision if your main goal is fulfillment or meaningfulness from your next moves. Some of my clients have started businesses or projects within days of doing the MapMaker.


It's that old conundrum...

We feel we're meant to be awesome at something, if we could just figure out WHAT the EFF it is! We wouldn't even mind going back to school for years if that's what it took, or putting the effort into building a business, for instance, over time... it doesn't have to be overnight... IF... we could just feel sure of what we wanted to build.

That was me. For a very long time.


designed for you multi-passionate, multi-potentialite, renaissance, maverick kinda folks. You know who you are ;)


The MapMaker eKit: consists of 2 workbooks (66 pages in total) I give to all my new 1-on-1 clients and group participants to give them a huge head start figuring out ‘what they want to do next’ in their lives, or ‘figure out that business or project already’...


And frankly, some of them finish right there. It does the job.


Especially if they resonate with these things...

  • they seem to have way too many interests and can’t figure out how to choose between them for their work + life direction. (Tip - don’t choose.)

  • they are people who are quite keen on doing their ‘own thing’ which for many of my clients means they want to be master of their own time… (self-employed, or similar) but with their hundred frigging ideas, and a dozen certifications, can’t figure out what to do with them all to get started.



“I'm not a fan of workbooks. Or wasn't... until I came across Alex Baisley. I'm telling you, a few hours spent on his extremely thought-provoking workbooks will have you understanding yourself and exploring avenues you didn't know were there to be enjoyed. I honestly don't know how he does it. But I do know he has a gift for it, and that it's a gift you shouldn't ignore. You'll thank me!” ~ Tim Emerson, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

“I just love how you've managed to organize all of these questions in a lovely story-book kind of way.” - Danielle W., client.


Currently available...

I have not made these workbooks available outside of my 1on1 clients and group program folks in many years, and therefore have cost min $150 to access. I’m reconsidering that. At least temporarily, to see how it goes. 


πŸ‘‰ (to save you scrolling, they are available for a time for $31 CAD by clicking here, or near the bottom.) πŸ‘ˆ


Workbook 1, the 29 Questions: answer these 29 questions to corral everything and everyone you care about, big dreams, strengths, life experiences… EVERYTHING into one place. This is like Marie Kondo’s ‘throw everything on the bed’ ;)


Workbook 2, the Filler-Outer: allows you to plug your 29 answers into a pre-written project-building template I put together based on 100s of hours of client conversations and years of experience - to see what work / life project ideas pop out the other end.


Here’s my little kitchen-wander video I did while waiting for my tea to brew, to explain… (3:49)


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Click here to purchase. $31 CAD

Price: $31 CAD for the workbook set

For now, anyhow, as I wish to promote this. Feel free to share.


Last time this kit was public was in 2017, and it was $97.


Since then, a person would need to join my group program ($240) or begin 1-on-1 work with me ($150 per session) to access it - which may still be great ideas for you to consider depending on your situation!


I don’t quite know what to charge here, to be honest. I want to look after myself and my livelihood and honour the years that went into this. AND, I want it to be as accessible as possible.


So, for this promotion, it’s $31 CAD


And if you’d like to share this with someone you know in this position, or your peeps on social, go right ahead. More the merrier until I figure out what price to charge 😜.


If you’d like to do these workbooks, you can begin filling them out in a few moments, below


...and you might want to put the kettle or coffeepot on, if so. β˜•οΈ

To purchase and begin πŸ™‚


Format of the Workbooks: 

Google Docs: They are in google docs so you can copy and go to work directly in the documents, 

OR if you're not a google docs person: I've included Word (docx) and pdf versions if you prefer and don't have a google account.

I just want my pen and trusty journal: You can print these off and do them with your trusty pen and journal πŸ™‚πŸ“”


What happens when you hit 'purchase': 

  • You will be directed to a PayPal checkout. You don't need a PayPal account to use this. 
  • Hit the blue button 'Continue.' On the next page, if you don't want to use PayPal, scroll to the button and you'll see a big white button saying: 'Pay with a credit or visa debit card'
  • Once you pay, you will be directed to my webpage to access your workbooks.


Any problems along the way, or if you prefer to pay a different way... 

  • Email me: [email protected]
  • I can also accept email transfer within Canada, or a (Transfer)Wise payment from anywhere - email me and I'll fix you up.


If you wish to do these workbooks with some friends, or share this out to support my work, the timing is good price-wise...

  • Feel free to share this page with them.


That's it. Have at it πŸ‘‡

Purchase here πŸ‘‡

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That's it for me! Enjoy your workbooks!


I hope you'll let me know how they go for you!

And until next time:

May the road rise to meet you, as the old celtic saying goes...

 …but not because you’ve slipped on the ice, as the folks in the small town of Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada where I grew up added to the blessing. An addition built on experience, no doubt 😜

Big hug,