Yay!!! Your session is in my calendar!

An email will probably already be in your inbox to confirm. If not - please go save me from the dark loneliness of your spam folder. Ack ;)

Note - If you have just booked a COFFEE CHAT with me to help me with my book, ignore the payment blurb here, it doesn't apply to you! But the 'How to connect' bit below it might :) Thank you! See you soon!

Preparing for our 1on1 session:


If you've already paid, or we have arrangements from before, awesome! Otherwise, you can send $125 CAD to me:

  • here for credit card or PayPal
  • or if within Canada, an interac e-transfer is fantastic: send to [email protected]


How to connect for our call:

If you and I have have had a 1on1 session recently, then I’ll probably remember how you prefer to do so, or we already have a dedicated Zoom link. Otherwise…

ZOOM: If we are meeting on Zoom, then you can click the ‘Join Web Conference’ button in the email you will have just gotten confirming our appointment. It will also be in the reminder email you get before our session.

SKYPE: If you prefer to meet by Skype, go here and send me a contact request.

FACETIME or WHATSAPP: send me an email ahead of time, and I’ll send you my personal cell #.

FACEBOOK MESSENGER: Use this link to connect on Messenger, or drop me an email and we’ll work it out.

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