Welcome to the Big Dream Program.

I’m Alex. The fellow in the video above. 

This class is focused on the question that I asked myself for 20 years and I have met a lot of smart, savvy, ambitious, and creative people asking the same thing :


What the *&^% am I doing with my Life ??!


It’s about that feeling that some of us have experienced – especially when we see someone else rocking their life – the feeling like there’s something great inside us too.


If we could just. figure. out. what. the heck. it IS.




Do you relate to any of these?

  • You know you could do really well at something, maybe even make a bigger contribution to the world, if you could just settle on something and stick with it
  • You have dozens and dozens of ideas. Things you could do, projects you could accomplish, a craft you could master – but truth is there are so many possibilities – and almost ALL of them could be awesome – how the *&^% does one choose between them and pick only one?
  • You can’t decide if you should just knuckle down and make the best of what you’re already doing now, or if a fresh start is what would be best
  • Wondering if you should go back to school, get an accreditation, or… move abroad and live simply and cheaply
  • You find yourself having to work at something that is SO CLEARLY not what you want to do with your life, but you can’t get clear enough on what the alternative would be amongst your ten possibilities
  • And more… but you get the idea.


After my own personal experience and having worked with over a thousand people privately and in workshops, I’ve got a ‘take’ on some of these things – and for me it all boils down to a perspective.


I call this perspective the 5 Juicy Realizations (or 5JRs for short). Maybe this could also be helpful for you, if you feel you just haven’t figured out what you want to be doing with your life 


Does the video above land with you? Would you like to roll up your sleeves and see how this could apply to your life?


Here’s my invitation for you:


the WTH am I doing with my life eKit

the Road-Less-Travelled Mavericks’ Guide to Kick-A** Life & Work Design


What you get in here...

This is a virtual video-based kit you can begin right away.

It covers:

  • two of the quickest ways that can transform people’s work lives – sometimes within a week
  • full video course explaining how to work with each of the 5JRs in your life incl stories and examples.
  • A $45 Workbook called the Jumpstart that helps you get all your Big Dreams, and even Small Ones off the shelf and dusted off
  • Two tactics to deal with fear and what might be behind those lack of motivation times
  • I can’t guarantee it, I know, but there is a VERY high percentage of people I’ve worked with that – once they listed out their first goals in each of the 5JRs – reported that they no longer felt lost, and knew what they wanted to do. It gave them direction, and the direction was built of the pieces of themselves that were most important to them.


Well, now, I think you’ll appreciate this. It's no charge at all.


There is a reason I’m doing this no charge. I really, really, really remember. I remember what it felt like for way too many years to be driving to work with a deep pit in my stomach every morning.

I was a commercial diver in those days. Here's a pic of me at the time.

I remember the countless hours spent reading self-help books, journalling… trying to figure my way forward. Nothing was working. Not for a very long time. I did make some really great changes along the way, but nothing ever felt ‘right’ until I saw the JRs. When I saw them, from that day forward, I’ve felt on track. It is something I am grateful for every day. No exaggeration.

Full transparency alert: There is another reason I'm sharing this no charge.

Most of my word-of-mouth private clients and attendees to my other workshops come from the 1200+ folks over the past 10 years who found this course changed their perspective dramatically. For whom it resonated, and they wanted some my further help in their lives. Maybe you'll be one of them. :)


And I have another hope in this. I hope that you’ll see this, and you’ll get it to people in your life that mightn’t ever hear of it otherwise. 


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Either way, I hope you enjoy your eKit if you give it a go. See you on the *inside* :)

Big hug,