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The Capacity Generator

Here’s what you'll get in your kit:

  • 11 video modules: A Welcome + Getting Started video, then 10 Capacity Generator video lessons.
  • In each lesson I will give you an exercise to write 25 lines throughout the day – very specific 2-column lines that I’ll teach you how to do – in your journal or on your computer.
  • 5 sample CapGen lines for your journaling exercise after each video to help you.
  • It should take you 20-30mins per lesson to complete this.


This course is quick and packs a punch. I expect you will feel the glimmerings of results within the first couple of lessons.

And that’s due to the hundreds and hundreds of hours – and close to 100,000 journal lines – that I and the early trailblazers of this course completed to figure out what works the best.

We were happy to do it, because it changed our lives. And on behalf of all of them, I am so pleased to be able to make this easy-to-accomplish (and I hope you find awesome) eKit available for you.  


If this sounds interesting to you, I'll see you on the inside!


Big hug,


What People Are Saying:

The Capacity Generator is a very different self-help approach. Rather than trying to convince ourselves that the depressed states we feel aren’t real, this acknowledges and validates exactly where we are. By observing simple things, we notice what we’re taking for granted, begin to realize our strengths, and make small changes that can add up to big gains over time. Alex’s warmth, encouragement, and genuine relatability come through in his videos and his writing. In fact, on Day 2 of the experience, I wrote in my CapGen journal that “I have more than enough capacity to recognize a great teacher." <3

Adrienne in Arizona

I highly recommend this 10-day journey. I found myself surprised by the potency of these exercises & their ability to transform the tangled knots inside of my heart and head. The places where emotions build into seemingly unsurmountable obstacles on the way to my goals. The simple act of writing each day about things I was able to do, gently and magically turned my attention towards those things, and caused me to start looking for them in anticipation. I found that well of efficacy inside of me begin to build. And as a facilitator, Alex holds space with such gentleness and love, walking right along with you each step of the way.

Julie Daugherty in Toronto